Website Design Basic Package Priced at R 2 499

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Boost your small business with the Mini Package from BizConSA, priced at R2 499. Offering comprehensive web design in Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, and beyond, this package is ideal for showcasing services professionally with SEO advantages.

The Mini Package is a step up, offering a two-page website designed to provide more information about your services. It’s perfect for businesses looking to expand their online presence and connect with a broader audience.


Website Design Basic Package Priced at R 2 499

Enhanced Web Solutions for Expanding Businesses

Elevate your business’s digital presence with our website design Basic Package, designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs across South Africa looking for an affordable yet comprehensive web design and development solution. From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the scenic landscapes of Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Centurion, and beyond, our Basic Package offers the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics to showcase your business online.


What the website design Basic Package offers:

Our website design Basic Package caters to the unique needs of growing businesses, providing a robust platform to display services, products, and company information. This package includes:

  • Two-Page Website Design: Craft a compelling online narrative with a home page to introduce your brand and a contact page to connect with your audience.
  • 12 Months Free Hosting: Ensure your website is always accessible with reliable hosting, included free for the first year.
  • Professional Email Accounts: Enhance your business communication with two professional email accounts, fostering trust with your clients.
  • Picture Slider: Showcase your products or services with a dynamic picture slider, adding visual appeal to your site.


Ideal Clients for the Basic Package:

Streamlined Web Solutions for Startups and Freelancers

BizConSA Web Services’ website design Basic Package is the quintessential web development solution for startups, freelancers, and personal website needs across South Africa. It’s crafted to provide an affordable, yet comprehensive online presence for individuals and businesses in the early stages of growth or those operating on a tight budget. This package’s streamlined features are perfect for those who are not yet making significant profits or are looking to establish a professional digital footprint efficiently. Here are examples of ideal clients for the website design Basic Package:

1. Startup Entrepreneurs

Ideal for entrepreneurs in sectors like tech, creative industries, or consultancy who are in the early stages of their business journey, needing a professional site to introduce their vision and services.

2. Freelance Professionals (Writers, Designers, Developers)

Freelancers looking to showcase their portfolio, services, and contact information can leverage the website design Basic Package to attract potential clients without the need for a large, complex site.

3. Personal Coaches and Consultants

Life coaches, business consultants, or personal trainers who offer specialized services can benefit from this package by having a space to outline their offerings and share their expertise.

4. Artists and Musicians

For artists and musicians needing an online platform to display their work, announce shows or releases, and connect with their audience, the website design Basic Package offers a succinct, visually appealing solution.

5. Non-Profit Initiatives

Small non-profits or community projects that require a simple website to share their mission, upcoming events, and ways to support or get involved can find the website design Basic Package particularly advantageous.

6. Academic Personal Websites

Academics, researchers, or students looking to establish a professional online presence to share their work, publications, and professional bio can utilize the web design Basic Package to reach a wider audience.

7. Event Planners

For those organizing events or weddings on a freelance basis, this package allows for showcasing services, past events, and testimonials to attract new clients.

8. Health and Wellness Bloggers

Individuals passionate about health, wellness, or lifestyle blogging can use the web design Basic Package to kickstart their blogging journey with a dedicated platform for their content.

9. Local Craftsmen and Artisans

Craftsmen and artisans looking to display their handmade goods, share their story, and provide contact information for orders will find the website design Basic Package fits their needs perfectly.

10. Emerging Food and Beverage Ventures

Small startups in the food and beverage industry, like home-based catering services or food trucks, can benefit from a concise website to share their menu, location, and how to book their services for events.

The web design Basic Package from BizConSA Web Services is tailored to empower startups, freelancers, and personal website owners across major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban, as well as smaller towns across South Africa. It provides a cost-effective way to establish a professional online presence, enabling clients to focus on growing their ventures without worrying about their digital footprint.


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