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Welcome to the next step in your SEO journey with BizConSA Web Services. Our Advanced SEO Website Package is meticulously crafted to cater to small businesses and local enterprises poised for medium growth. This comprehensive package is your gateway to unlocking your website’s full potential, increasing your visibility, and solidifying your presence in the competitive digital marketplace. For R 2500 per month, BizConSA delivers an Advanced SEO Website Package that’s perfect for businesses ready to advance their online growth and outshine their competition.


Package Details of the Advanced SEO Website Package

The Advanced SEO Website Package from BizConSA Web Services is a multi-faceted approach to SEO, priced at an accessible R 2500 per month. It’s structured to provide small and locally-based businesses with the essential tools and strategies required for significant online growth. With this package, you’ll benefit from a focused optimization of five targeted keywords, a comprehensive SEO analysis to benchmark your current standings, and a strategic back-linking plan to bolster your site’s authority. Additionally, the package includes crucial services like Google Business Listing, competitor analysis, and rank monitoring, ensuring that every aspect of your online presence is fine-tuned for success.


In-Depth Features of the Advanced SEO Website Package

Five Keywords Optimization

At the core of the Advanced SEO Website Package is the optimization of five carefully selected keywords. These keywords are chosen through meticulous research to drive relevant traffic and cater to your specific audience, setting the foundation for your SEO strategy.

SEO Analysis

BizConSA conducts an in-depth SEO analysis, evaluating your website’s current performance and uncovering opportunities for optimization. This analysis ensures that your website is primed for improvement, directly addressing areas that can most impact your growth.

Google Business Listing

Recognizing the importance of local search, our package includes setting up and optimizing your Google Business Listing. This is essential for local SEO, helping your business appear in local search results and Google Maps, connecting you with your community.

Back-Linking Strategy

Developing a robust back-linking profile is integral to the Advanced SEO Website Package. BizConSA’s approach to back-linking not only increases your site’s domain authority but also drives high-quality traffic from reputable sources.

Competitor Analysis

A detailed competitor analysis provides insights into your competitors’ strategies, allowing us to refine your SEO approach. This analysis is crucial for understanding your market position and identifying strategic opportunities for growth.

Rank Monitoring

Continuous rank monitoring is a vital component of our package, enabling us to track the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. By monitoring your search engine rankings, we can dynamically adjust our strategies to ensure consistent upward movement.

Strategic Keyword Research

The Advanced SEO Website Package goes beyond basic keyword selection. BizConSA Web Services conducts strategic keyword research, uncovering terms that align with your business goals and audience’s search behavior, ensuring that your website attracts and engages the most relevant visitors.

Comprehensive Google Analytics Integration

Our package extends to the integration of Google Analytics, providing you with the power to monitor and analyze your website’s traffic meticulously. This powerful tool is essential for understanding user behavior, which in turn shapes more informed and effective SEO strategies.

Accurate Conversion Tracking

With BizConSA’s Advanced SEO Website Package, conversion tracking is set up to measure the success of your website in achieving its objectives, whether they be form submissions, product sales, or phone calls. This data is crucial for understanding the ROI of your SEO efforts and making data-driven decisions.

Webmaster Tools Setup

We also ensure that your site is verified with Webmaster Tools, providing you with additional insights into how search engines view your website. This setup is vital for identifying issues that could affect your site’s performance and for leveraging the data to enhance your SEO strategy.

On-Page SEO Excellence

On-page SEO is meticulously handled within the Advanced SEO Website Package, ensuring that your site’s content, meta-tags, and HTML source code are optimized for both search engines and users, resulting in improved rankings and user experience.

Enhanced Visibility with Schema Markup

Schema markup is another advanced feature of this package. By implementing this code on your website, BizConSA Web Services helps enhance your site’s representation in search results, which can improve click-through rates and drive more traffic.

ALT Tags Fix and Sitemap Generation

Ensuring that images are fully optimized with correct ALT tags not only improves SEO but also enhances web accessibility. Furthermore, sitemap generation is included to aid search engines in efficiently crawling and indexing your website’s content.

Detailed Monthly Ranking Reports

To keep you informed of your website’s progress, BizConSA Web Services provides detailed monthly ranking reports. These reports offer valuable insights into your SEO campaign’s performance, allowing for ongoing optimization and strategy refinement.

By focusing on detailed, strategic implementation and continuous monitoring, the Advanced SEO Website Package from BizConSA Web Services provides a robust platform for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their online visibility and growth.

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